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Discover the best air purifiers for smoke, allergens, dust or mold that will help filter and clean the air you breathe.

GermGuardian AC4825 Air Cleaning System Review

Whether you like it or not, you need to breathe air to live. But when you inhale, various irritants to the body also goes with the oxygen such as dust, molds, smoke, harmful chemical, allergens, bacteria, virus, etc. Though our body with a healthy immune system will fight them off, we cannot certain our body’s defense system can thwart them all the time. If you have the means, you can get more healthy with the air you breathe using air purifier.

What is an Air Purifier

Air purifiers were made to filter and eliminate all sorts of air pollutants, in particular for indoor places.

The increase in demand for global development, different inventions were created for convenience. There are various types of vehicles, factories, disinfectants, insecticides, and all emitting harmful gases which result in the contamination of the human body. This situation is quite alarming especially when even inside the houses, commercial buildings, and offices, you could experience not only undesirable air odors but also impurity from the air you breathe.

How Do Air Purifiers Work

Air purifiers function as filtration by letting the unclean air flow through an inhaling part of the device leading it to the purifier taking away the odor and killing the pollutants and afterwards released through a blower wherein a clean air already is present. It drives air from the floor level and emits it towards the corners of the enclosed room leading to the equal distribution of the filtered air. The process then successively continues as the device work.

Do Air Purifiers Really Work

According to an Air purifier inventor, Jerome J. Golstein, since there are various filters within an air purifier namely: a high-quality filter or is referred to as a Hepa filter, a pre-filter and a germicidal chamber make it very much reliable. Having 2 ultraviolet lamps killing virus and bacteria rapidly, air purifiers’ efficiency rate is 99.9% as it could eliminate air particles down to 0.3 microns in size.

Are Air Purifiers Worth It

The air we breathe is helpful to our body and essential to life but it may also carry inevitable irritants. Studies show that smoke and micro-organisms found on your carpets, human clothes, pollens, the fur of an animal and dust carried from outside the house. Also, the flu from a nearby person may inflict you through the air that may cause series of airborne diseases such as asthma, allergies, fever or even death which greatly speaks of the need for Air purifiers at home or in any areas wherein you usually stay to prevent those ailments. Not only will this help in maintaining a healthy air breathing but this will also promote as an eye-opener to manufacturers and industries destroying the atmosphere.

Check Out the Best Air Purifiers for Smoke, Dust, Mold, Allergies, Asthma, and Pets Currently Sold in the Market

GermGuardian AC4825 Air Cleaning System Review

Families need cleaner and fresher air at home in order to keep overall health on track. In fact, the most common respiratory problems are caused by airborne dirt and allergens. And since health is wealth, every household need to ensure that the air they breathe doesn’t contain dust particles that can harm the lungs. Question is how do we keep indoor air quality to help us remain in good physical shape? The good news is that this review will provide you with the insights you need to know about keeping clean air at home.

Products Features and Benefits

To effectively reduce odor, allergens and other harmful particles in the air, there are air purifiers available in the market today. Hence, most air cleaning systems offer the following features:

  • Multiple cleaning functions – with odor reduction, UV-C, and True HEPA features, an air cleaner can provide ultimate cleaning so that allergens, bacteria, and other airborne viruses are killed effectively. It also destroys molds while maintaining the freshness of home atmosphere.
  • Air purifying components – the pre-filter along with charcoal filter can capture lint and dust while destroying household odors. The True HEPA filtering technology also captures airborne particles such as pet dander, plant pollens, mold spores, debris, and dust mites. This will prevent children from suffering asthma and other respiratory ailments. Also, the UV-C light kills bacteria and viruses commonly caused by pets, cooking, and smoking inside the house.
  • Odor reduction – reduces household odors caused by cooking and pets. It also removes odor and smoke particles through the activated carbon filtering system.
  • Ultra quiet operation – air cleaning systems have silent operation all through the night to get better sleep.
  • Indicator lights – the UV-C bulb and filter lights automatically blink once replacement is needed. You don’t need to create special notes to remind you when to replace them. Check the manual if you have questions regarding the indicator lights.

But just like other products offered in the market today, there is also a slight downside in using air cleaning systems. They will need regular maintenance to keep proper functioning. But don’t worry because the GermGuardian AC4825 air cleaning system is easy to clean. In fact, this 3-in-1 air purifier is proven effective in keeping homes dirt-free. If you have questions, you can conveniently refer to the manual guide provided in the package.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Before, I also struggled in finding a reliable air filter that I can conveniently use at home. After doing some research, I found this website that offers quality air purifiers and compare quotes online. The GermGuardian AC4825 air cleaning system  will make your home free from dust, debris, and other airborne particles that can cause asthma and allergies. This is also more affordable than other air purifiers offered in the market today.

With its excellent features, you will never go wrong in choosing GermGuardian as your air cleaner at home. Check it out now and see for yourself.


Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Review

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Review


The air you breathe sustains your life. But what happens if the atmosphere in your home is already polluted with allergens and dirt? Families need to know that the common respiratory problems are caused by airborne pollutants inhaled through the lungs. In fact, allergies are usually the result of breathing in air contaminants. And of course you cannot risk your family’s health so the best thing you can do is find an excellent air cleaning system that can effectively remove allergens to ensure indoor air quality.

Product Features

But before you buy an allergen remover appliance in the market, you need to ensure the following features. This will help you guarantee that the product you will choose can provide all the necessary functions to successfully get rid of allergens, dust particles, and other air pollutants. So here are the best features you need to consider when buying an air purifier online:

  • Captures airborne germs, contaminants, allergens, and other dust particles that can harm the family’s health.
  • Every hour, it can circulate indoor air up to five times through AHAM CADR 300-Rating. It’s ideal for rooms that measure 21’x22’ or 465 square feet.
  • Activated carbon pre-filter to eliminate unpleasant odor.
  • Easy to tap electrical control with three air-cleaning levels as well as Turbo Clean mode. The timer can also be set to 2, 4, and 8 hour.
  • Electronic filter are replaced according to the reminders.

Why Choose the Product

Air cleaners are specifically designed to eliminate airborne allergens inside the homes. It effectively purifies indoor air so that family members will enjoy cleaner atmosphere at home. Some doctors recommend air cleaners for patients who frequently suffer from asthma and allergies. And with the proven effectiveness of these devices, more people are recognizing the importance of purifying indoor air to prevent certain health issues. The only downside of this product is that you need to regularly monitor the filters to avoid the accumulation of dirt which can cause malfunction. But with the easy to clean filters you are sure to effortlessly maintain the air cleaning device.

Before, I also experienced the dilemma of choosing the ideal air purifier in the market. What I did was check out some websites that offer the product and compared quotes online. It helped me to find the best brand and model that meet my expectations and budget. The Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover will help you save from allergies while enjoying fresher air inside your home. So if you’re currently looking for the same product that will give you great experience, I strongly recommend you this air purifier.

If unsure, you can check out some online reviews to know why I am very positive about the Honeywell allergen remover. You can even ask some current users what made them decide to buy this brand despite the many choices available in the market. So what are you waiting for? Check this Honeywell air purifier and experience the practical features it offers.


The Holmes HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier

A highly trusted Holmes HEPA Type desktop Air purifier, 3 Speeds plus Optional Ionizer is perfectly made to defeat all your worries for air allergens. It is designed as a catalyst to the filtration of indoor air with its advanced carbon filter and a durable three-speed motor; it can reduce any unwanted air odor up to 44%. It is easy to carry and can be travelled from different locations. It can be used in living rooms, offices, private rooms, waiting areas, canteens or anywhere people usually stay. This is best for those suffering from respiratory illnesses since once the air is filtered; it will help the person experience cleaner air breathing. With a reasonable price, this will not only benefit our life but also to the environment we live in.

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