How to Make Heart Shaped Cupcakes

This early, a lot of people are already preparing for Valentine’s Day.  Stores are beginning to place heart shaped pillows, balloons, and decorations on their display.  In the kitchen, chefs are cooking up a storm to bake heart shaped cakes.  But heart shaped cupcakes?  This is a challenge indeed.  For moms out there who want to surprise their kids with cute cupcakes, here is a sure way to do it.

There’s nothing special about the preparation and on the baking method.  It’s just the usual ingredients, pans, liners and frosting.  All you need to add are marbles.  Yes, those round and colorful things your kids play with.  No need to buy a special kind of pan for baking.  Just use the ordinary cupcake pan and after placing the liners, half fill it with the batter.  And the secret lies in placing a marble between the pan and the lining paper.  Bake as usual and be sure not to remove the marbles after baking.  Let it cool first. The marble creates an indentation which will make the cupcake look like a heart shaped delicacy.

How to Make Heart Shaped Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day or not, and with this secret out in the open, baking heart shaped cupcake is definitely a piece of cake.

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Making Heart Shaped Cupcakes

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